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The End?

25 Sep

So, blog, I guess this is the end.

I’m having a weird, bittersweet feeling as I type this. Partly because I’m glad that this would be over after a few more words, and mainly because I know, despite the toxicity and brain trauma this requirement has brought me, I will miss this.

This blog and I, we’ve been together through love and singlehood, through soberness and drunkenness, through stupidity and brilliance. Yes, we’re lovers like that.

I’m not sure if I should continue this blog though. First, I know that my thoughts need to be backed up by experience, which I still don’t have since I’m not yet an OrCom practitioner. And second, I might give myself a blog break. I’ve been maintaining two blogs and it has gotten to the point where I got tired updating both.

But, to wrap up this whole blogging experience, I am convincing myself to continue this blog. Sounds like identity crisis, right? Hahaha.


1. It develops self-discipline. It takes a certain level of discipline to constantly update a blog, especially if it is of a certain field (communications, for example) and not just a personal blog. Extra time and thoughts, they’re hard to schedule. And if you can always make time for blogging, congratulations, you’re developing a greater sense of commitment.

2. It is a portfolio. It documents thoughts that might never cross your mind again. Many years from now, you can visit your blog again, and revisit your thoughts, too. As the famous saying goes, if it’s not written, it does not exist.

3. It captures moments of brilliance. Many times, you won’t know that you know something until you’re typing it already. Does blogging make you more intelligent? Maybe. Does it uncover things you never thought you knew? Definitely.

4. It gives you a more credible online footprint. Social networking sites don’t really have so much weight when employers are looking for what you have to say. SNS profiles should not be corporate-ish. So you need an outlet where people can see how you think and what skills you can offer in the field you want to be in someday.

5. It is fulfilling. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your blog move as you post new entries, and seeing people comment on them (especially if they’re not required to HAHA). And the best thing is, it makes you more popular online. 😉

So there. I hope I’ll continue blogging. I hope you do too. Let’s make the online world more colorful. More bloggers, more fun.

See you around, loves!