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Viral Vids Viral Vids Viral Vids

24 Sep

Hypnotizing someone into clicking that Share button is more than just good content and brilliant cinematography. Viral videos don’t solely thrive on great creative. There are a lot of well thought of, brilliant videos out there that didn’t even tickle the taste buds of the viral world.

What, then, determines the shareability of a video?

In one of the talks we had during my internship, we discussed what makes a video shareable. The speaker gave us the Cadbury Gorilla and Cadbury Eyebrows vids as examples of shareable content.

Viral videos don’t just happen. There are certain trends that can be observed in those videos that make it big online.


1. Keep it funny. If you’re going to survey YouTube, most videos that go viral are those that make people laugh. Yes, there are some that are emotionally touching and more serious, and still gain a lot of shares. But for beginners, starting with funny vids always works.

2. Make minisodes. Minisodes are like mini episodes. If you want to establish a certain reputation online, don’t stop with just one video. Try to create at least 3 videos with the same key message. They don’t necessarily have to look the same, or be very similar to each other. What’s important is to have a recognizable, overarching theme in all these videos.

3. Leave the audience something to talk about. Let’s take Roger Federer’s video as an example. His famous trickshot video got viral because people are debating whether the shot is real or not. You can use this strategy if you want to build up conversation about your video. You can also feature something that the audience can imitate, like the Cadbury eyebrows video. This way, the video becomes more than just a video. It becomes a topic for conversation.

4. Keep it lightly branded. If you’re making a video for a brand and you want to make it viral, don’t take the path of hard selling. Just end the video with a URL, brand name, or campaign tagline. No need to sell the brand all throughout the video. Besides, according to The Feed Company, lightly branded video content is shared four times more than heavily branded content, and ten times more than those with a call-to-action component.

It might take a lot of practice to master the art of making a video viral. Lucky are those who are born with the “viral vid” talent. Just like this kid I met a few days ago. I thought he’s just one of those adorable, cute kids. But no. This boy, I found out, is a genius. Check out his video.

See! And take note, he made this video in a computer shop. Amazing, right? Brands, learn from this kid. This is how you make viral videos. 🙂


Befriending and Defriending

20 Sep

August is Single Awareness Month. And yes, this is self-proclaimed.

I know too many people who changed their Facebook relationship statuses from “in a relationship” to “single” last month. Maybe it’s the moon and the starts conniving to slap us into reality, or perhaps it’s plain coincidence.

I, myself, became single. Good thing? I don’t know. I shouldn’t discuss it here anyway. But one thing that August surely taught us is that if it’s not in Facebook, it’s not official. “It” being the relationship. Our news feeds confirmed what others have been talking about offline – X and Y breaking up, Y getting it on with Z, etc. Full story here.

And so I arrived at that too familiar path of lefts and rights – to delete the ex or not. Of course, pretending to be rational, I should weigh the pros and cons. And this advice applies not just to exes. It’s one step closer to maintaining your online reputation, babies. So here it is:


Here are some questions you should ask yourself before clicking that Remove from Friends link:

1. How is this person related to me?

Is he/she your friend-turned-enemy in highschool? A colleague you are not in good terms with? Your ex-boss who fired you? A new ex?

2. How often do I see this person?

Chances are, the more you see the person offline, the more you should think twice of deleting him/her in your network. Same, simple reason – it’s gonna be awkward. I’m telling you. Trust me. If you go to the same office together, give retain friend one point. If he or she is an enemy way back in highschool, and that person still gets into your nerves, give remove friend one point.

3. How bad is the situation between us?

Try reaching out offline one more time. If your differences are too irreconcilable, you know which side gets the point.

4. How much does the person impact my life?

Are you in the same department? Does he or she hold a position that would be beneficial to your goals? Because let’s admit it, in this world of corporate gangsters, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. So it’s time to adopt a future-oriented perspective and think how this person might be of help in the future.

I know it still is hard to decide whether or not you should delete that person in your friends list. But you must always befriend and defriend Facebook contacts. You won’t maximize your social networks when there’s too much clutter. It’s time to rethink who should stay and who should go.

If you’re having problems deciding, just leave a comment below. Maybe we can work something out. 🙂

As for my ex, yes, I deleted him. >:)

Tsoknat Bags – Social Media Release

28 Aug
Contact Information

Toni Rose Favoreal-Palma
Bob Marlin Restaurant, Magsaysay Avenue Naga City Cam Sur

Tsoknat Bags Accepts Customized Orders

Tsoknat Bags is now accepting made-to-order purses and bags.

Tsoknat Bags provides a new opportunity for the Modern Pinay to express herself through bags and art. Filipinas can now choose their own fabrics and embellishments for their personalized Tsoknat Bags.

Tsoknat Bags is an online store that specializes in one-of-a-kind, quirky bags made up of fabric swatches and different embellishments. It is Filipina-owned business that aims to bring out the individuality in the Pinay.

Tsoknat Bits

  • Tsoknat bags get reserved and sold out just minutes after the bags’ pictures are uploaded.
  • No two Tsoknat bags are the same. Tsoknat upholds the one-design-per-bag policy.
  • Toni Rose Favoreal, the name behind Tsoknat Bags, has no formal training in fashion design or fashion merchandising. She is a graduate of digital illustration and animation at Ateneo de Naga University.
  • Tsoknat was chosen as one of the 20 finalists in the 2008 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.
  • Tsoknat ranks first in the Top 10 Philippine Online Fashion Shops by WikiPilipinas.
  • Tsoknat also ventured into baby clothing and apparel through a brand called Tiny Tsoknat.
  • They have plans of reviving and rebranding their sister shop GirlGetsBoy early next year.

Tsoknat Quotes

Attributed to Toni Rose Favoreal, Owner, Tsoknat Bags

“Around 5 years ago, I started making these silly trinkets and accessories for myself. Then I decided to apply the same quirky sensibility into bags. Soon, people started coming up to me in public, asking me where I got the bags. This inspired me to make my hobby into a business – Tsoknat Bags.”

“I was inspired to put it up when years ago, I was looking for a really quirky and cute bag that can liven up my simple jeans and top get up. Not finding the bag that I wanted I decided to make one for my self.”

“Inspiration comes from simple everyday things: the streets, things I see on TV, articles I read on the magazine or the internet, films that I watch. Everywhere.”

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Tsoknat Bags

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Tsoknat customized bag

customized purple satin cocktail purse

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