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24 Sep

Hypnotizing someone into clicking that Share button is more than just good content and brilliant cinematography. Viral videos don’t solely thrive on great creative. There are a lot of well thought of, brilliant videos out there that didn’t even tickle the taste buds of the viral world.

What, then, determines the shareability of a video?

In one of the talks we had during my internship, we discussed what makes a video shareable. The speaker gave us the Cadbury Gorilla and Cadbury Eyebrows vids as examples of shareable content.

Viral videos don’t just happen. There are certain trends that can be observed in those videos that make it big online.


1. Keep it funny. If you’re going to survey YouTube, most videos that go viral are those that make people laugh. Yes, there are some that are emotionally touching and more serious, and still gain a lot of shares. But for beginners, starting with funny vids always works.

2. Make minisodes. Minisodes are like mini episodes. If you want to establish a certain reputation online, don’t stop with just one video. Try to create at least 3 videos with the same key message. They don’t necessarily have to look the same, or be very similar to each other. What’s important is to have a recognizable, overarching theme in all these videos.

3. Leave the audience something to talk about. Let’s take Roger Federer’s video as an example. His famous trickshot video got viral because people are debating whether the shot is real or not. You can use this strategy if you want to build up conversation about your video. You can also feature something that the audience can imitate, like the Cadbury eyebrows video. This way, the video becomes more than just a video. It becomes a topic for conversation.

4. Keep it lightly branded. If you’re making a video for a brand and you want to make it viral, don’t take the path of hard selling. Just end the video with a URL, brand name, or campaign tagline. No need to sell the brand all throughout the video. Besides, according to The Feed Company, lightly branded video content is shared four times more than heavily branded content, and ten times more than those with a call-to-action component.

It might take a lot of practice to master the art of making a video viral. Lucky are those who are born with the “viral vid” talent. Just like this kid I met a few days ago. I thought he’s just one of those adorable, cute kids. But no. This boy, I found out, is a genius. Check out his video.

See! And take note, he made this video in a computer shop. Amazing, right? Brands, learn from this kid. This is how you make viral videos. 🙂


3 Responses to “Viral Vids Viral Vids Viral Vids”

  1. kitsatwork September 26, 2010 at 2:44 am #

    Why hello there co-intern! Haha
    Humor is typical to viral videos, but I think the core characteristic to videos that people share and watch over and over again is adding/highlighting/capturing something human.
    I know I say this all the time but that ‘humanness’ gives a lot of videos the potential to go viral. Just take the Charlie bit my finger video on YouTube. It’s just a silly video about a baby biting his brother’s finger. I mean really, how sillier can it get? But nevertheless it went viral, and I believe it’s because of the ‘human factor’. (Other silly vids are baby laughing and David after dentist, watch them if you haven’t. benta sila) Now take the Piano stairs vid, the JK Wedding entrance, the Susan Boyle video as other examples. They’re all capturing something human. heehee

  2. melem1 September 29, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    *Viral Vid aftershock rumbles*

    Hehe I was kinda reluctant to read this after making the viral vid class requirement but the videos got me reading the whole thing. That’s what’s so great about viral video. it draws people towards it and makes you want to see more.

    I like how you phrased the question “How to make your video sharable?”

    You don’t make viral videos. It is the responsibility of the people who view your video to make it viral or not. All you can do is to do your best in making it sharable. And to do that, just follow Gel-O’s 4 tips in making an interestng video. 🙂

  3. athousandfootnotes October 3, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    This boy is cranius—crazy and genius! Haha. I agree with Lem that we do not make videos viral. The people do. Our job is to give these people good and sufficient reasons to 1) looove our vids and 2) share it. It’s even better if we could make them 3) crave and ask for it.

    While viral videos are one of the most powerful forms of communication in the social media (given also that video viewing and sharing is the top reason why people go online), they are also the most challenging to create. Though many say that we must allow a video to have a life of its own, I believe it is still part of our responsibility to strategically place the vid in points where it can best be shared. Add to this the task of first, crafting a message which has a great potential to be picked up by our target and second, executing it with perfect sense and style.

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